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Emil & Tara T., Buyers

“My wife and I initially started looking for homes with an agent at a big, branded real estate firm. Soon we realized that going with a well-known brand doesn’t necessarily mean the agent will be experienced in his profession. This agent lacked experience, was always late for showings and just didn’t convey to us he had the competence of not only negotiating a good deal but let alone finding the right house for us. We dropped him and was referred to Sam at YBRS Realty by a friend that used him. We were kind of hesitant at first because we hadn’t heard of his firm but after meeting with him in person at his office, we immediately realized his vast knowledge in real estate and how professional he and his firm run their operations. Within two weeks, he found us the perfect home and we locked it in at a price lower than we expected. We couldn’t be happier about the result. We recommend them highly.”