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Dimitriy D., Buyer

“Sam has known my father and I for a while now and although my family has a successful business, I’ve always told Sam that I’d like to buy a few apartment buildings for additional income. Over the past few years, Sam had showed me many buildings but I couldn’t find one that I really liked and that also made financial sense. Then came one day when Sam found one that was literally listed an hour back and he called me and said we have to check this out asap. We went to the building the same day and that was the one! Sam got me in touch with the commercial banking department at MB Financial Bank and after 40 days or so, I was the new owner. The experience of working with him was fabulous. He is on top of every aspect of the sale. I just had to sit back and show up at the closing. I thank Sam for finding me this property and I’m sure my portfolio will grow with his help.”